C# Behind the scenes

I see a lot of beginners programmers, but certainly not just beginners, who are not sure how things work in C#.

I’m not talking about the CLR but about the language itself. And mostly specific on all sorts of keywords which are compiler sugar.

There are simple things that probably everyone understands what it means, such as this or const. But what about yield or async and what happens when we use lambda expression or write Linq in the form of query comprehension?

So I decided to do a series of articles (hopefully series …) about all kinds of words like this and what happens behind the scenes when you write a particular word in c #.

I do not like long articles unnecessarily, so I’ll try to keep the pattern short and permanent. An example of code in c #, an example of the code that was actually generated from it, and a brief explanation of what happens there.

Hope it will be useful.

  1. Yield
  2. Local Functions
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