Mono.Cecil – Generics

Till now we saw an overview on Cecil and two simple examples. Today I want to show how you can handle generics in Cecil.

For the example I’m going to use EqualityComparer<>

// importing the generic type
var eq = mainModule.Import(typeof(EqualityComparer<>));

// importing the type of T we want to instantiate the generic type
var t = mainModule.Import(typeof(object));
var genericEq = new GenericInstanceType(eq);
var importedGenericEq = mainModule.Import(genericEq);

// getting the method we want to call on the generic instance
var defaultMethodDef = importedGenericEq.Resolve().
                  Methods.Single(m => m.Name == "get_Default");
var methodRef =  mainModule.Import(defaultMethodDef);

// Important - setting the method declaring type to the correct instantiated type
methodRef.DeclaringType = importedGenericEq;

So what we saw here is a regular type importing but with a little additional code, because we need to instantiate the type with the correct T and last, we must to set the declaring type to the correct instance of the generic type.

This is because there is a difference between the TypeDef representation of the class – that there is just a one row for our generic class – and the TypeSpec  representation – that has one row for each instantiation. (I’m not going into details of difference between value type and reference type of T and sharing code implementation.)

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